Training Tips from Back On Track Physiotherapy

Running is a skill just like kicking a footy or serving an ace, enhancing your technique and training program can help you run faster, more efficiently and reduce your risk of injury.

  • Running training
    • Give yourself adequate time to train for your event.
    • Gradually increase your running distance/volume, avoid increasing by greater than 25% per week.
    • Schedule in at least two rest days per week to help reduce your risk of injury.
  • Tight and sore??
    • Most runners will try sports massage and stretching with varied success to manage these symptoms.
    • However recent evidence suggests that muscle strength is the key to reducing stiffness.
    • Running injuries may be significantly reduced by adding two to three sessions of running specific strength and conditioning to your routine.
  • Do you have pain?
    • Is it predictable… occurs at the same km’s each run?
    • Is it persistent… occurs on two or more occasions?
    • Is it limiting your progress? Is pain preventing you from increasing your distance or speed?
    • If so early assessment and management from your Back on Track physiotherapist will get you back running.
  • Why is Back On Track Physiotherapy Different?
    • The team at Back on Track are experts in running analysis and retraining.

Modifying your running technique can reduce the forces of running on your joints. Simple technique modification like increasing your cadence and reducing your stride length can improve your running efficiency and decrease pain. See our Website for more information and training tips