Lodge your run or walk results and download your personalised finisher certificate!

Thanks for completing the 2021 virtual City2City. Once you have completed your Run or Walk, click here to head to the City2City results site. Search for your name in the top right corner, click ‘Edit Time’ next to your entry and fill in all the details including time, distance, your age (so we can verify your details) and click submit. There’s also an optional link to your activity file from your fitness tracking app. Your results will then be visible in the main results grid. You’ll also have the option to download a finisher certificate with your name and time if you wish.

The Hume Bank City2City RunWalk Winners

Year 10km Open Male 10km Open Female 10km 15&U Male 10km 15&U Female
2019 Brett Ellis 31:31 Tarli Bird 36:46 Bronson Thornber 38:15 Callista Race-Stelling 40:45
2018 Charlie Park 30:50 Camilla Whishaw 36:45 Michael Grohmann 40:37 Callista Race-Stelling 41:24
2017 Thomas Hynes 31:59 Airi Tanaka 36:32 Jarrad Duncan 40:26 Callista Race-Stelling 41:38
2016 Bradley Croker 31:42 Tarli Bird 35:01 Lucas Bladwell 40:01 Sophie Coughlin 46:46
2015 Michael Hosking 30:57 Stacey Loccisano 38:38 Lucas Bladwell 39:13 Caitlyn Regan 45:28
Year 7.5km Open Male 7.5km Open Female 7.5km 15&U Male 7.5km 15&U Female
2019 Nathan Stoate 25:02 Lauren Preston 31:25 Nelson Bowey 28:54 Alannah Harp 33:07
2018 Caellum Crowe 26:08 Belinda Ralph 28:55 Finn Nixon 29:29 Conatsu Kaga 34:31
2017 Billy De Bruyn 24:47 Belinda Ralph 29:11 Elijah Hollands 32:09 Ebony Trebilcock 35.46
2016 Scott Imhoff 25:00 Claire Ashworth 27:15 Jacob Brunner 31:34 Alexandra Freire 33:01
2015 Darren Warner 32:06 Bethany Halmy 32:37 Jack Pearce 32:28 Ellen Ring 31:09


Here are the results for the 2019 City2City. Results will also be printed in The Border Mail newspaper on the Monday following the event. You can find previous years results at the bottom of the page.